Youth Programs


Aikido is a modern Japanese martial arts training that focuses on the power of body movements and momentum. Rather than punches and kicks, students learn blocking, rolling, locking, and throwing movements to control the force of an opponent. It’s a great way for children and teens to gain confidence, practice focus and concentration, and learn non-violent strategies for self-defense.

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Shoot, score! With Michigan Tech youth basketball leagues, clinics and tournaments. Our programs help players develop the skills needed to be a master on the court.

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Step off the sidelines and into the game with Michigan Tech Youth Football. We pack a lot of action (and fun!) into the day—field practice with group instruction and time spent with the Huskies coaching staff and current players. Participants will come away with a better understanding of passing, receiving, blocking, footwork, and defensive skills. Fun and competitive play await you on Sherman Field.

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Shoot, score, goal, with Michigan Tech youth hockey. With a wide variety of classes, clinics, open play and tournaments for boys and girls, Michigan Tech has a program for you. Check us out on the ice today!

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Ice Skating

Learn to Skate, FUNdamentals of Hockey Skating, Figure Skating and Public Skating Sessions will be offered at the MacInnes Student Ice Arena this summer.

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Log Rolling

Join the Outdoor Adventure Program as they teach the basics of log rolling to youth ages 7 and up. Class size is limited.

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Rock Climbing

Join the Outdoor Adventure Program as they teach the basics of rock climbing to youth ages 7 and up. Class size is limited.

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Knowing how to swim is an essential safety skill for kids of all ages, especially with all the lakes around here. It’s never too early to start—we offer classes for babies and toddlers, including parent-child classes so your child can learn the fundamentals in a comforting environment. Group swim classes are available in six levels, ranging from introductory, fundamental, and stroke development to refinement and fitness swimming. Private and semi-private lessons are another convenient option for children of all ages. There are also lifeguard training classes availalble to participants that are age 15 and older and meet specific swimming requirements. Interested in training to be a lifeguard or water safety instructor? Michigan Tech HuskiesFit Programs periodically offers Red Cross certification classes in both Lifeguard Training and Water Safety Instruction.

Swimming Lifeguard Certification


Tennis is often called a “lifetime” sport—once you learn, you can play for life. So start early! Programs for children ten and under follow the US Tennis Association’s QuickStart format, meant to introduce young new players to the game, equipment, and scoring. For older kids, there are group classes focused on beginner playing techniques, drill clinics, cardio tennis, and more. Grab a racket and get into the game.

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Focus on fun while you learn to play volleyball! Our Little Huskies Volleyball Club is the perfect way to explore the basics of an active and energetic sport. Once you get into the game, you’ll be spiking like a champ. Post game clinics, game admission, t-shirts and team pen pals are all a part of the fun!

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