Youth Programs


Aikido is a modern Japanese martial arts training that focuses on the power of body movements and momentum. Rather than punches and kicks, students learn blocking, rolling, locking, and throwing movements to control the force of an opponent. It’s a great way for children and teens to gain confidence, practice focus and concentration, and learn non-violent strategies for self-defense.

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Grab a pair of ballet slippers or jazz shoes and get ready to dance! Michigan Tech’s Youth Dance Program offers classes for boys and girls of all ages and interests—from the beginning Let's Dance course to ballet. Classes are creative, energetic, and focused on fun, so kids can learn in a supportive and relaxed environment. Private lessons in Ballet, Modern Dance, and Jazz are available. Youth Dance Program participants are also eligible to participate in the 3rd Annual Youth Dance Holiday Show!

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Shoot, score, goal, with Michigan Tech youth hockey leagues, clinics, tournaments, and classes. Our programs help players gain speed, balance, and skill—all while having a blast on the ice. There is also the Skating Treadmill training program for players seeking stride efficiency and endurance development off the ice.

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Ice Skating

Preschoolers, youth, and teens; beginners and experienced skaters: Michigan Tech has an ice skating program for every age and skill level. We offer basic lessons that teach the fundamentals by age group—preschool (3–5 years old) and basic (ages 6 and up). There are also Skate-Up classes for participants interested in transitioning into figure skating. Classes are a great, group-oriented way to learn and have fun.

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Knowing how to swim is an essential safety skill for kids of all ages, especially with all the lakes around here. It’s never too early to start—we offer classes for babies and toddlers, including parent-child classes so your child can learn the fundamentals in a comforting environment. Group swim classes are available in six levels, ranging from introductory, fundamental, and stroke development to refinement, fitness swimming, and diving. Private and semi-private lessons are another convenient option for children of all ages. There are also lifeguard training classes availalble to participants that are age 15 and older and meet specific swimming requirements. Interested in training to be a lifeguard or water safety instructor? Michigan Tech Community Programs offers Red Cross certification classes in both Lifeguard Training and Water Safety Instruction.


Tennis is often called a “lifetime” sport—once you learn, you can play for life. So start early! Programs for children ten and under follow the US Tennis Association’s QuickStart format, meant to introduce young new players to the game, equipment, and scoring. For older kids, there are group classes focused on beginner playing techniques, drill clinics, cardio tennis, and more. Grab a racket and get into the game.

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An introductory program for children without previous movement-class experience, our tumbling class introduces children to gymnastic skills like basic and intermediate tumbling, floor exercises, and more. Students will build coordination, balance, and body strength while gaining self-confidence. It’s a great way for your child to be active and have fun with other kids.

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