Trail Conditions

July 2, 2018

Todays Events: Trails are now in good shape.  Walkabout is closed for the season.  Big thank you to all the volunteers that came out to help rebuild the bike trails.  The quick turn around couldn't have happened without you.

Please email Scott at for trail maintenance.  We will fix the issue promptly.


Safety Note:  Please do not ride the wrong way on trails.  Trails with steep hills are intended to be one direction to avoid collisions and injury.  One-way trails have a Do Not Enter sign posted on the wrong-way trail entrance.  Please keep a lookout for these signs and stay safe on the trails!


Remember - Dogs must be kept to Isle Royale, Superior Loop and Tolkien Trails on leash only.  

Snow Bikes(Fat Tire)  may ride on Isle Royale, Superior, Tolkien and River Loops.  

*Lights on at 5am and will turn off at 9:30pm





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