Buy a Trail Membership

Michigan Tech Trails

The Michigan Tech Trails are a great resource—support them by purchasing an annual membership or day pass. Your support helps ensure that our trails are well groomed, maintained, and updated.

Trail usage is one of the benefits of the Experience Tech Fee, and currently enrolled Michigan Tech students may use the Tech Trails at no charge. A trail membership or day pass is required for all other users. Children 17 and younger, or those still in high school, are eligible for a free youth trail membership available at the SDC Ticket Office.

Day Pass: $10
Annual Family Membership: $150
Annual Individual Membership: $100
(Annual trail memberships will expire one year from date of purchase.)

Keweenaw Trail Alliance Annual Trail Memberships

Enjoy a day of skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, or biking at Michigan Tech, Swedetown, Chassell, or Maasto Hiito. For the best deal (and plenty of great trail use), purchase an annual membership for a single trail, all trails, or a combination. CLICK ON THE PRICE BELOW TO PURCHASE.

  Family Individual
Michigan Tech Trails $150.00 $100.00
Swedetown Trails $120.00 $  80.00
Chassell Trails $  20.00 $  15.00
Maasto Hiihto Trails $  75.00 $  55.00
Michigan Tech +Swedetown $243.00 $162.00
Swedetown + Chassell $126.00 $  85.50
Swedetown + Maasto $175.50 $121.50
Michigan Tech + Chassell $153.00 $103.50
Michigan Tech + Maasto $202.50 $139.50
Chassell + Maasto $  85.50 $  63.00
MichiganTech + Swedetown + Chassell $261.00 $175.50
Michigan Tech + Swedetown + Maasto $310.50 $211.50
Swedetown + Chassell + Maasto $193.50 $135.00
Michigan Tech + Chassell + Maasto $220.50 $153.00
All Trails $328.50 $225.00

A family is defined as two adults, ages 18 and older, living in the same household. Both adults will receive membership cards.
Combination trail memberships reflect a 10% discount.

Where to buy

Annual memberships or day passes can be purchased several ways.

  • Online (above)
  • SDC Ticket Office
  • Michigan Tech Trails (collection pipes with day passes available at all main trailheads)
  • Cross Country Sports
  • Downwind Sports
  • Swedetown Chalet

Eligible Michigan Tech employees using the TechFit benefit must purchase trail memberships at the SDC Ticket Office.