General Fitness Center Rules

• Must present a valid membership ID or day wristband before using the Fitness Center. (All day pass or punch card use before or after Central Ticket office Hours must pay cash for day pass or present punch card to an attendant)

• Must be 16 years of age to exercise in the Fitness Center.

• Youths between 12-15 years of age require a fitness orientation scheduled with a personal trainer, minimum purchase of one month membership, and parental supervision in Fitness Center at all times once approved by a Manager. 

• All patrons are recommneded to get medical clearance and learn proper use of fitness equipment from a personal trainer if beginning an exercise program. 

• Dress Code: Fitness apparel and closed toed athletic shoes must be worn at all times. NO OUTSIDE shoes are allowed in the Fitness Center. Bring clean indoor athletic shoes to wear in the Fitness Center. Large jewlery should be removed when using equipment and machines. 

• Only small fitness bags carrying fitness accessories are permitted in the Fitness Center and can be searched. All other bags and items must be left in hallway coat racks or stored in lockers. 

• Small valuable item (keys, IDs, cell phones) may be stored in complimentary mini lockers in the Fintess Center. See Fitness Center Attendent to sign out a locker. 

• Tobacco, food, and drinks (other than closed water bottles) are not allowed in the Fitness Center. No glass bottles. 

• Maintain a positive and cooperative attidute in the Fitness Center. Take pride and do your part to keep the Fitness Center clean and functional.