About the Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Student Development Complex 360

The dive tank is closed for repair until further notice. The lap pool will remain open as normal.

Temperature: The Student Development Complex lap pool and dive tank are licensed by the State of Michigan and inspected by the Western U.P. District Health Department. Accordingly, the water is analyzed and the temperature is taken daily. The temperature fluctuates between 81-87 degrees and this well depend on pool usage, outside temperature and water flow rate. The water is replenished automatically due to water lost through splash, backwashing of sand filters, and evaporation. This new cool water intake will not be 81 degrees until it is well mixed into the existing pool water. 
Size of pools: The lap pool has 8 lanes and are 25 yards in length. During open swim times, 6 lanes are allotted for lap swim, while 2 lanes are for recreational activities. The depth ranges from 4ft at its shallowest, to 9ft at its deepest point. The dive tank ranges in depth from 8ft to 14ft.
Toys and aides: The pool offers a variety of recreational equipment such as dive rings, rubber ducks, watering cans, balls, etc. as well as fitness equipment, such as kick-boards, pull buoys, fins, and aqua jogging belts. We offer flotation devices for those who may need extra support while swimming and have a plethora of life jacket sizes available. The pool is also equipped with an automated handicap chair lift to assist patrons with getting in/out of the water. 
Access to the Pool / Locker Rooms : We have two locker rooms that allow direct access to the pool, one male (110) and one female room (109). The locker rooms offer restroom facilities, sauna area, private showers and changing areas, as well as long term locker rentals and day lockers to keep your belongings in while you swim. There is also a complimentary suit dryer in each locker room for patrons to use. The hallway doors, leading out past the Pool office, will also be propped open during all open swim times: Monday-Friday 6:00-9:00am, 11:30am-1:30pm and 4:30pm-7:00pm, as well as Saturday-Sunday 12:00-5:00pm. This will allow access into the pool for families, and those not using the general locker rooms 109 and 110.
ID Check Point: There is an ID check point immediately after leaving the locker rooms at the pool entry. We ask patrons to have their student/membership IDs out for the ID Reader to scan, and for those with day pass wristbands to stop and show the ID Reader the date prior to entering the pool. 
Comp mini lockers: Mini lockers are available on the pool deck next to the ID check point for those that want their more smaller valuable belongings in a safe place. These are available for free to all who use the facilities for the duration of the time that the pool is open. Please ask the ID Reader for more information.
Age Information: Children that are 12 and under MUST be accompanied by a parent/guardian over 18 to use the pool. Patrons that appear to be under 12 may be asked to provide a date of birth by the ID Reader or LGs, and can be refused access to the facility if there is not a parent/guardian present. 
Seating: Bleachers are available to those who wish to view swim lessons, or watch their kids in the pool. We ask that patrons do NOT sit on the tile bench opposite the bleachers because it is a safety issue. Accommodations can be made upon request.