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Junior Mountain Biking Camp—Ages 13–U20


June 16-20, 2019

Mountain Biking Camp is full. Please call our office at 906-487-2975 to be placed on the wait list.

Ride through beautiful scenery on well-maintained trails of the local area, including the Michigan Tech Trails, Maasto Hiihto/Churning Rapids, and the Copper Harbor MTB Trails. Gain experience at your own pace as you develop riding skills, get training ideas, learn race strategies, set goals, and tackle some of the coolest single-track in the Midwest.

What to Expect

Two to four hours of riding per day. We will spend a majority of the time on our bikes and building our skills. Expect to be riding a lot and plan to be in shape prior to coming to camp. Expect challenging, fun trails that will push you to improve your riding, as well as fun, flowy trails that will keep you stoked to do the work! Some trail systems will require a longer drive to get to, but the time spent is worth it. Expect full days of fun on bikes as well as other awesome outdoor adventures in the evenings!

Special Requirements

This is a junior camp for cyclists ages 13 to Under 20 (U20). A cyclist is considered 20 for the year if they will be 20 as of December 31, 2019. We will instruct campers to train at paces and riding levels that are appropriate for them; however, the camp may be intense for novice riders. Campers with any prior race or high school competition experience will be a great fit for this camp.

Your own bike (with good brakes and appropriate gearing for serious off-road riding) and a helmet. A packet of required forms will be sent to participants via email once their application is processed. The required forms must be submitted prior to the start of camp.


Live-in $700; Commuter $584

Payment in full is due at time of registration. Refunds, less a $50 cancellation fee are available until June 2. After June 2, refunds less the cancellation fee will be issued for medical reasons only.

Deadline to register: June 2, 2019

Important Information regarding Participant Meals

In general, the residence hall cafeteria provides live-in participants breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. Commuter participants are provided lunch and dinner depending on the duration of camp. Please refer to individual camp schedules for differences in meal options and locations. Special dietary needs and allergies will be asked for on the confirmation packet that participants receive after being accepted into camp. You can always call our office in advance to discuss your participant's situation, and we can put you in touch with our Dining Services Team for a proactive approach to ensure a great experience at our camp.

Important Information for Live-In Participants

Residence Hall for Live-In Participants

Live-in participants stay in Wadsworth Hall on Michigan Tech's campus, just a short walk from the Student Development Complex (SDC), where Michigan Tech Sports Camps are held. Rooms in the residence hall are furnished with bunk beds, dressers, and desks.Dorm rooms are not air-conditioned, so students are encouraged to bring a fan. Linens, pillows, and blankets are provided. Students must bring two to three towels. Restrooms and showers are conveniently located on each floor. The residence hall has lounges, cable TV, and a recreation room. Laundry facilities are available. Students must bring their own laundry supplies. Participants receive round-the-clock supervision. Note: Lost key $75.

Parking for Live-In Participants

Live-in participants who drive themselves to camp are asked to park in Lot 17 Upper for the duration of camp. Upon check-in, parking passes will be available for purchase. Cost of the pass if $15. Keys will be surrendered at the time of check-in and returned at check-out at the end of camp.

Room Occupancy Policy for Live-In Participants

Participants living in the residence hall will room with members of their own age group. Rooms are equipped for two people. We do not take requests for 3-person rooms. Participants also do not room alone. Roommate requests must be made by both participants and will be asked for on the confirmation packets that participants receive after being accepted into camp (not at time of registration). Participants not requesting a specific roommate will be paired up with another person in their age group. All roommate assignments are prepared ahead of time and do not happen at time of check-in.

Check-In Procedure for Live-In Participants

All live-in participants will check in at Wadsworth Hall. See individual camp schedule for specific check-in time. Upon arrival, park in Lot 15W at the front of Wadsworth Hall and come in through the main entrance. There will be directional signs to follow for check-in which will take place on the basement level. Please leave all personal belongings in your vehicle until after the check-in process has been finished. Photo IDs, handbooks, room assignments, keys, medicine check-in, etc. are just a few items that will be taken care of during the live-in check-in process. Once participants are settled in their rooms, welcome meetings with counselors will take place on-floor. Again, see individual camp schedule for further details.

Check-Out Procedure for Live-In Participants

Parents of campers under the age of 18 are required to pick up and sign out their children. At the end of camp, parents should communicate with their participants to arrange when and where they would like to meet after check-out. Parents should park in Lot 15W at the front of Wadsworth Hall. Participants will be checking out on-floor with their counselor (packing up/cleaning, turning in keys, etc.) and will need to be signed out by a parent, guardian or authorized release person. Lunch in the cafeteria on the last day of camp is not included in your camp fees, but is available from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Family members are welcome to purchase meal passes at the Wadsworth Hall front desk.

Late Arrival Procedure for Live-In Participants

When our participants are set to arrive late, arrangements MUST be pre-approved or an emergency delay must be called in to the Summer Youth Programs 24 Hour Emergency Line, 906-483-7651. Parents and participants first must report to the front desk at Wadsworth Hall to check in and meet with a head counselor who will have materials ready for them when they arrive. The parent and participant will go through signing in and dropping off their stuff to their assigned room. Once this is taken care of, a counselor will escort the participant to wherever it is they need to be.

Additional Information for Live-In Participants

2019 SYA Participant Handbook
Handbook Essentials for Live-In Participants
Who Can Live-In Participants talk to About...
FAQ's for Live-In Participants
End of the Week Reminders for Live-In Participants
Stay in Touch

Contact Information

Residence Hall Summer Youth Programs Front Desk 906-483-7650
Residence Hall Summer Youth Programs 24 Emergency Line 906-483-7651
Residence Hall Coordinators 906-483-7652

Meet the Coaches

Jared Johnson

Jared Johnson has been working as an professional Outdoor Educator for 15 years, with 10+ years in the Keweenaw. Tasked with starting an Outdoor Adventure Program (OAP) at Michigan Tech in 2006, Jared has been the director since its start, with a leave from 2010-2012. The OAP operates a full service outdoor recreation equipment rental center, trip leading and planning services, and clinics and workshops all focused on outdoor recreation. In addition, Jared and the OAP have developed the Great Northern Adventure Race, the Breakers to Bridge Paddle Festival and co-host the Bigfoot Snowshoe Event. As an avid mountain biker, he was drawn to the Keweenaw and the amazing trail systems that have been growing for the last 16 years. Jared has coordinated biking trips to Moab and Fruita for university students on spring break, as well local trips for students. He is a certified Wilderness First Responder and Leave No Trace Master Educator.


Brian Matter

Brian Matter is the guest instructor for Michigan Tech’s Junior Mountain Biking camp. He races for the Gear Grinder/Trek Cycling team. Brian has ridden his way to the top of the cycling world, having represented Team USA at the MTB World Junior Championships and the Cyclo-cross World Championships.

John Durocher

John Durocher is an assistant professor of Biological Sciences and an adjunct assistant professor of Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology at Michigan Tech. John has done extensive work in the fields of applied human physiology and exercise physiology. He is an avid biker and has worked with the Junior Mountain Biking camp for six of the last seven years.