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Michigan Technological University is located in Houghton, in the heart of the Keweenaw Peninsula in Upper Michigan. The town and campus are only a few minutes from the scenic shores of Lake Superior. Take a tour of the Tech campus, the Copper Country and the Community or view the Interactive Campus Map.

Combine Vacation with Your Child’s Sports Camp

Accommodations are available on campus or at the many resort areas nearby. See our hotel partners for discounted rates. The air is clean, the water is pure, and many recreational opportunities are at hand—boating, fishing, swimming, hiking, and camping—just to name a few. The University also owns an 18-hole golf course and a 600-acre recreational forest—ideal for hiking and biking—that adjoins campus near the SDC.

Getting to Michigan Tech

If you are arriving by car, US Highway 41 and State Highway 26 take you right to campus. Auto maps are available upon request from anywhere in the US. The area is served daily by Indian Trails and Skywest-United Airlines (airport code CMX).

If you have any problems enroute after business hours (after 5:00 p.m. or on weekends), call Public Safety at 906-487-2216.

Directions to Campus


Student Development Complex

Michigan Tech’s Student Development Complex provides year-round recreational and fitness activities for students, faculty, staff and the entire community to encourage a healthier lifestyle. The athletic complex features classrooms, a fitness studio, fitness center, ice arena, multipurpose room, racquetball and squash courts, shooting range, swimming pool and dive tank, and varsity gym.  Spacious men's and women's locker rooms include saunas, showers, and towel service. Patrons can check out a variety of recreational equipment, including basketballs, volleyballs and racquetball racquets. Adjacent to the SDC is Gates Tennis Center with indoor courts, a pro shop, lockers and showers. Outdoor recreation areas include the recreational forest and trails, softball fields, sand volleyball courts, Sherman field, Hubbell field, soccer fields and disc golf. Facility day passes (2019 Summer Camp Family Fun Passes) are available for purchase.

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University Images

Open daily at the arena, this store features sporting equipment and a complete line of jackets, T-shirts, sweatshirts and Michigan Tech memorabilia.

Code of Conduct

Michigan Tech Sports Camps provide both recreational and social opportunities in a relaxed atmosphere. We believe in promoting a positive learning environment for all participants in our camps. We request that all participants adhere to this belief. However, all participants must follow certain rules, including a prohibition on using or possessing alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, or illegal drugs. In addition, participants must not leave their groups. Failure to follow these rules will result in expulsion from the program, and the fees paid for that program will be forfeited.

A packet of required forms will be sent to participants via email once their application is processed. The required forms must be submitted prior to the start of camp.

Live-In vs. Commuter

Live-In (Plan A)

Resident (or live-in) students stay in one of Michigan Tech's residence halls, Wadsworth Hall, during their time at sports camp. The halls are divided into groups per residence counselor. Male and female participants do not share accommodations. The residence hall cafeteria provides breakfast, lunch and dinner each day.

Sports camp is a great opportunity to meet new people, and we take care to match students with roommates who are similar in age but different in other areas (like geographic area, for example). If you want to stay with a sibling or friend, you must indicate so on the confirmation packets that participants receive after being accepted into camp. Remember, both you and your friend must request each other on your forms and be attending the same camp (and age group) or you will not be placed together. Rooms are equipped for two people. We do not take requests for 3-person rooms.

Commuters (Plan B)

Commuter students attend sports camp during the day, but stay off-campus with a friend or family member in the Houghton area during the evenings. Some commuters are local students, while others stay with family, for example camping or in a hotel. If you choose to commute, participants are provided lunch and dinner depending on the duration of camp. Refer to individual camp schedules.

Live-In Accommodations

Summer Sports Camps partners with Summer Youth Programs (SYP), a division of the Center for Pre-College Outreach, for the live-in accommodations portion of our sports camps. After a full daily athletic camp schedule, evenings allow students to relax and participate in many different recreational activities under the supervision of our professionally trained activities counselors. Residence counselors provide general supervision at night and serve as mentors to the students.

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Counselors, residence hall coordinators, and head counselors supervise participants whenever they are not in their sports camp activities. We hire undergraduate mentors after a comprehensive screening process, which includes intensive training in safety, age-appropriate activities, and diversity.

Residence Hall for Live-In Participants

Live-in participants stay in Wadsworth Hall on Michigan Tech's campus, just a short walk from the Student Development Complex (SDC), where Michigan Tech Sports Camps are held. Rooms in the residence hall are furnished with bunk beds, dressers, and desks. Dorm rooms are not air-conditioned, so students are encouraged to bring a fan. Linens, pillows, and blankets are provided. Students must bring two to three towels. Restrooms and showers are conveniently located on each floor. The residence hall has lounges, cable TV, and a recreation room. Laundry facilities are available. Students must bring their own laundry supplies. Participants receive round-the-clock supervision. Note: Lost key $75.

Room Occupancy Policy for Live-In Participants

Participants living in the residence hall will room with members of their own age group. Rooms are equipped for two people, and we do not take requests for 3-person rooms. Participants also do not room alone. Roommate requests must be made by both participants and will be asked for on the confirmation packets that participants receive after being accepted into camp. Participants not requesting a specific roommate will be paired up with another person in their age group. All roommate assignments are prepared ahead of time and do not happen at time of check-in.

Check-In Procedure for Live-In Participants

All live-in participants will first check in for camp at Wadsworth Hall. (DO NOT GO TO THE SDC!) See individual camp schedules for specific check-in time. Upon arrival, park in Lot 15W at the front of Wadsworth Hall and come in through the main entrance. There will be directional signs to follow for check-in which will take place on the basement level. Please leave all personal belongings in your vehicle until after the check-in process has been finished. Photo IDs, handbooks, room assignments, keys, medicine check-in, etc. are just a few items that will be taken care of during the live-in check-in process. Once participants are settled in their rooms, welcome meetings with counselors will take place on-floor. Again, see individual camp schedules for further details.

Check-Out Procedure for Live-In Participants

At the end of camp, parents should communicate with their participants to arrange when and where they would like to meet after check-out. Parents should park in Lot 15W at the front of Wadsworth Hall. Participants will be checking out on-floor with their counselor (packing up/cleaning, turning in keys, etc.) and will need to be signed out by an approved parent, guardian or authorized release person.

Late Arrival Procedure for Live-In Participants

When our participants are set to arrive late, arrangements MUST be pre-approved or an emergency delay must be called in to the Summer Youth Programs 24 Hour Emergency Line, 906-483-7651. Parents and participants first must report to the front desk at Wadsworth Hall to check in and meet with a head counselor who will have materials ready for them when they arrive. The parent and participant will go through signing in and dropping off their stuff to their assigned room. Once this is taken care of, a counselor will escort the participant to wherever they need to be.

Additional Information for Live-In Participants

Handbook Essentials for Live-In Participants
Who Can Live-In Participants talk to About...
FAQ's for Live-In Participants
End of the Week Reminders for Live-In Participants
Stay in Touch

Local Hotel Partners

Michigan Tech Sports Camps is currently partnering with several local hotels that will be offering a "HuskiesCamp" discounted rate for our participants.

The hotels are:

  • Country Inn & Suites
  • Holiday Inn Express Houghton-Keweenaw
  • Magnuson Hotel Copper Crown
  • Magnuson Hotel Franklin Square Inn
  • Ojibwa Casino Hotel

Information about each hotel can be found at Hotel Partners.

Participant Meals

In general, the residence hall cafeteria provides live-in participants breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. Commuter participants are provided lunch and dinner depending on the duration of camp. Please refer to individual camp schedules for differences in meal options and locations. Special dietary needs and allergies will be asked for on the confirmation packet that participants receive after being accepted into camp. You can always call our office in advance to discuss your participant's situation, and we can put you in touch with our Dining Services Team for a proactive approach to ensure a great experience at our camp. Participants opting for the Commuter/No Meals plan are responsible for their own meals during camp.


Parents and commuter campers will receive a parking permit when you check in for camp. The permit will allow you to park in SDC Lot 22 (at the main entrance to the SDC). You must display the permit on the driver side dashboard while parked in Lot 22. The permit is valid for only the dates listed on the permit. No permit required after 4:00pm on Friday through Sunday evening unless the vehicle will be parked overnight. Please contact the Transportation Services Office if you need to park overnight.

Parking passes for live-in participants that drive their own vehicle to camp can be purchased at camp check-in at Wadsworth Hall from the SYP front desk. The weekly permit is $15. Vehicles must be parked in Lot 17U and keys handed over to SYP staff for the duration of camp.

Parking tickets will be issued to violating vehicles and will not be the responsibility of Michigan Tech Sports Camps.

What to Bring

  • Clothing
  • Equipment specific to your sport
  • Everyday clothing
  • Long pants
  • Shorts/gym clothes
  • Tennis Shoes
  • Swimsuit
  • Jacket
  • Towels (2 or 3)
  • Toiletries
  • Spending money (for video games, pizza, etc.)
  • Fan for dorm room
  • Snacks/beverages
  • Water bottle

All articles should be clearly marked or initialed. Please leave your iPods, cell phones, etc. at home! Michigan Tech Sports Camps is not responsible for any lost items.

Medical Services

Certified athletic trainers are on staff to provide emergency medical care. Located within the SDC, the Portage Medical Group Clinic (906-483-1860) offers medical services to participants, as well as the public.

Note: Basketball coaches and teams are responsible for their own first-aid supplies such as gauze, tape for ankles, etc. for team camp.

Check-In and Check-Out

See individual camp pages for schedule.

Contact Information

Michigan Tech Sports Camps
Student Development Complex, Room 142
1400 Townsend Drive
Houghton MI 49931

906-487-2975 (Phone)
906-487-3607 (Fax)

SDC Ticket Office 906-487-2073
Public Safety and Police Services 906-487-2216
Houghton County Airport (CMX) 906-482-3970
Keweenaw Convention and Visitors Bureau 800-338-7982
Housing and Residential Life (Wadsworth Hall) 906-487-2682
National Car Rental 906-482-6655
Training Room 906-487-2596
United Airlines 800-864-8331
University Images (sportswear store) 906-487-2969
On-Campus Housing for Parents & Family Members
Memorial Union Building 906-487-2543
Housing and Residential Life 906-487-2682
Residence Hall Summer Youth Programs Front Desk 906-483-7650
Residence Hall Summer Youth Prorams 24 Hour Emergency Line 906-483-7651
Residence Hall Coordinators 906-483-7652
Transportation Services 906-487-1441