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Focus on fun while you learn to play volleyball! Our Little Huskies Volleyball Club is the perfect way to explore the basics of an active and energetic sport. Once you get into the game, you’ll be spiking like a champ. Post game clinics, game admission, t-shirts and team pen pals are all a part of the fun! 



Little Huskies Camp is the perfect way to explore the basics of volleyball for budding players. Students learn the fundamentals of the game—serving, passing, setting, and more. Our top coaches and student-athletes modify the game and equipment (such as lowering the net) for young players to ensure a successful and confidence-building experience. Position-specific high school clinics provide 5 hours of focused instruction designed to improve the athlete's skill set. 



You’ll do drills to develop your serving, passing, setting, attacking, blocking, and digging. With tips and pointers from the Michigan Tech volleyball coaching staff and team players, you’ll play action-packed games that will help you grow your skills. Plus, you’ll have an awesome time while you practice a sport that you love!


Photo & Video Gallery

Check out all of the great photos and videos that have been taken at camp over the years. #FutureHuskies have great memories at Michigan Tech Sports Camps! Join the fun and get in the game at the home of the Huskies.