Silent Gear Auction

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Join the OAP for our annual auction of used, surplus gear as we prepare to replace it with nice, new equipment! New this year, we will be coordinating with Athletics to auction some of their surplus equipment! As a result, we will be moving the auction to Saturday and allowing more time for bidders to come and check out equipment.




Gates Tennis Center

Auction Guidelines

  • All sales that are non-OAP are cash only sales.
  • OAP items can be paid for with cash, credit, and check.
  • Items must be picked up Saturday, April 20, before 6pm at the Gates Tennis Center.
  • $100 cash sale limit - The buyer and seller will need to connect and arrange payment for any items selling for more than $100. 


We will be accepting your gear for sale as well beginning on April 17 until Friday April 19, during regular OAP hours. Silent auction will begin at 10am on Saturday and final bids must be submitted by 2:00pm. Winning bidders can pay and pick up items up between 3:00pm-5:00pm on Saturday.More details will be posted, as well as a sneak peek of OAP/Athletic equipment for sale!

Seller guidelines:

  1. You may attempt to sell as much working condition outdoor gear as you would like and receive 100% of the sale price.
  2. Items can be dropped off April 17-19 at the OAP during regular business hours.

Wednesday, April 17 - 11:00am-1:00pm
Thursday, April 18 - 11:00am-1:00pm
Friday, April 19 - 10:00am-6:00pm

Outdoor Adventure Program
207 East Street
Houghton MI 49931

  1. Items that are dropped off for auction need to be logged and identified by the seller with as much detail as possible.
  2. As seller of the item(s), you will need to set the starting bid price. Set the starting bid price as the minimum you are willing to sell it for.
  3. If your item doesn't sell, you will need to pick up any unsold items by 6pm on April 20th.
  4. If your item does sell, and is under the price limit, we will take care of sales. As soon as all of your sold items have been picked up and paid for, you will get 100% of the total sale price, with most payouts the same day.

Buyer Guidelines

  1. Buyers only have to show up the day of the auction and will be assigned a bidder number they will use to bid on items.
  2. Buyers will be responsible for all bids. Please do not bid if you do not intend to pay. 
  3. Buyers are responsible for checking on bids to determine if they won. All items must be picked up the day of the auction. 
  4. Buyers can bid more than once on an item, however the highest bid will be the valid bid.


  1.  Will the OAP take a percent of the sale? 
    1. No.  What you sell the item for is what you get. OAP does take donations though. 
  2. Do I have to auction my items off or can I just set a price for sale?
    1. Depending on the cost, you could do either. We have a ‘Buy it Now’ table with items under $20 or you can set a sale price as a starting bid and let the price go from there.
  3. What if my item(s) do not sell?
    1. You will need to pick up any unsold items by 6pm on April 20 or they will become property of the OAP.
  4. When do I get my money if my items sell?
    1. We will take care of all sales and as soon as all of your sold items have been picked up and paid for, you will get 100% of the total sale price, with most payouts happening the same day.
  5. When and where is the sale?
    1. Saturday, April 20, 10am-2pm in the Gates Tennis Center.
  6. Can I place a bid for my roommate/friend/significant other/other?
    1. No. You can only place bids with your bidder number and no one else’s.