Fundamentals of Hockey Skating

Registration and payment can be completed online, by phone at 906-487-2073, or at the SDC Ticket Office. A parent or guardian must sign a waiver of liability and concussion awareness form prior to participation. The SDC is not responsible for lost or stolen property. Please do not leave valuables unattended.

The Hockey curriculum is designed to teach the fundamentals of hockey skating. In various badge levels, skaters will learn how to maneuver faster and be more agile on the ice with proper skating techniques being the primary focus. All elements will be taught without a puck. Skaters will learn the necessary fundamentals to be successful in game situations.

The Fundamentals of Hockey Skating program meets weekly for a 1hr and 20 min time slot. On one side of the ice, (3) 25-minute group lesson times rotate for the duration of the program time, while on the other side of the ice is an open practice session for skaters registered for lessons as well as their guardians and siblings. Please note that the practice session is NOT available to the general public - one skater from the family must be enrolled in the lessons - and the practice session is sold as a package and not available for individual sale each week. Instructors are not provided on the practice side of the ice and guardians are encouraged to join the children on the ice. Skates are required to be worn on the ice at all times.

Pre-registration is required for the Fundamentals of Hockey Skating program and the level of the lessons scheduled during each 25-minute period depends on the enrollment and levels of the participants in the session. Skaters are placed in the appropriate class level by the lead skating instructor prior to the first day of class. Beginning class level assignments are based on the age of the participants and more advanced class level assignments are based on required skill sets per the curriculum. Skaters may move up a class level anytime during the session (by meeting the skill set criteria) and their class time may be changed to any one of the (3) 25-minute class periods. If skaters are moved up a level/time, the parent will be notified by email prior to the next class date of the new class time.

Necessary equipment (NOT included):

  • Hockey skates
  • Certified hockey helmet (ice approved)"

For more information, see the USFS Hockey Curriculum online.

Private lessons are also available.


Spring Session: January 19 - March 1

Registration closes January 12.


Sunday, 5:00-6:20 p.m.

Session Cost