Group Swim Lessons

Group swim lessons will not be offered during the Fall 2019 semester. We are in transition, and our focus at this time is assembling a new staff of instructors and getting them trained and ready for the spring semester. We will release an announcement on lesson registration when we have more information to share.

Knowing how to swim is an essential safety skill for kids of all ages, especially with all of our area lakes. Besides that—it’s tons of fun! It’s never too early to start—we offer classes for babies and toddlers (attended with parents), preschoolers, and six levels for youth. Class size is limited.

  • Parent/Child (must be at least 6 months old)—Increase your child’s comfort with the water and help him or her learn basic skills such as leg and arm movements and breath control.
  • Preschool —Learn safe entries and exits from the water, life jacket use, and how to get help. Also learn (with support) rollovers, bubble blowing, combined arm and leg action, finning, and front and back float.
  • Level 1, Introduction to Water Skills—Learn safe entries and exits from the water, bobbing, life jacket use, and how to get help. Also learn (with minimal support) rollovers, bubble blowing, combined arm and leg action, front and back glides, floats, and treading water.
  • Level 2, Fundamental Aquatic Skills—Learn (with no support) how to jump from the side, bob with your head completely submerged, roll over, tread water, fin, do front and back glides and floats, and recover to a stand.
  • Level 3, Stroke Development—Learn how to jump into deep water, dive from a sitting or kneeling position, and tread water for 30 seconds. You’ll also learn the front crawl; elementary backstroke; kicks for butterfly, breaststroke, and sidestroke; and safety skills.
  • Level 4, Stroke Improvement—Learn diving from a compact and stride position, open turns on front and back, treading water with two different kicks, swimming underwater, surface dives, front crawl for 25 yards, breaststroke for 15 yards, elementary backstroke for 25 yards, back crawl for 15 yards, and further safety skills and assists.
  • Level 5, Stroke Refinement—Learn the shallow dive, flip turns, and swimming all strokes for longer distances.
  • Level 6, Fitness Swimmer—Swim longer distances and learn competitive etiquette and skills, beginning-level springboard diving, and higher level self-rescue and assists.

Levels 1–6 classes are youth ages 6 and up.


SDC Pool

The Student Development Complex lap pool and dive tank are licensed by the State of Michigan and inspected by the Western U.P. District Health Department. Accordingly, the water is analyzed and the temperature is taken daily. The temperature fluctuates between 81-87 degrees and this will depend on the pool usage, outside temperature and water flow rate. The water is replenished automatically due to water lost through splash, backwashing of sand filters and evaporation. This new cool water intake will not be 81 degrees until it is well mixed into the existing pool water.

Special Requirements

All students must have appropriate swimwear (no cutoffs or street clothes) and a towel; children under 18 months are also required to wear a swimming diaper. Students in Preschool or Level programs should bring goggles. Due to fluctuating water temperatures day to day, we advise parents to dress children in warm swim layers. Rash guard swim shirts for the upper body and fitted spandex or knit leggings for the lower body are good examples of clothing that keep the body warm but do not create excessive weight or retain water. A parent or legal guardian is required to sign a waiver of liability and concussion awareness form for all youth classes.