2019 Tech Ultras Recap

Michigan Tech Hosts First Tech Ultras Running Event

Michigan Tech Hosts First Tech Ultras Running Event
Sep 13, 2019

Complete Race Results

HOUGHTON, Mich. – The Michigan Tech cross country, Nordic ski, and track & field programs hosted the first-ever Tech Ultras on September 6-7 from the Michigan Tech Recreation Trails.

The Tech Ultras hosted four running events of varying distances over two-days at the Tech Trails. The 5K event was held on Friday (Sept. 6), while the 25K, 50K, and 50-mile races were held on Saturday (Sept. 7). A total of 50 runners signed up for the four races offered over the first weekend of September.

In the 50-mile race, Joshua Browning completed the grueling race in 12:27:26, followed by Bridget Durocher in 12:48:37, and Joe Uren in a time of 13:13:29. In the 50K race, Scott Pederson was the top overall finisher with a time of 5:59.58. Michigan Tech alumni Lily Kraft was the top women's finisher and placed sixth overall with a time of 8:39:01. Rounding out the top five of the race was Hayato Shimizu in second (6:02:54), Matt Abbotts in third (6:37:22), Robert Handler in fourth (6:59:37), and Lucas Wyzlic in fifth (7:56:39). Rounding out the women's runners behind Kraft was Marcy Rajala in seventh overall (9:00:19), and Amanda Raffaelli in eighth overall (9:35:51).

In the 25K race, the most-populated race with 28 runners, Clint Campbell crossed the finish line first in a time of 2:21.20. Nikki Koski and Beth Helminen were the first women to cross the finish line with times of 3:04:06. Former Michigan Tech runner and skier Daniel Wood finished second in the 25K with a time of 2:29:30, and he was followed by Zach Mills (2:32:06), James Vendlinski (2:33:31), and Craig Hughes (2:40:45) in the top five. The top five  runners for the women after Koski and Helminen were Donna Gerig (3:06:08), Lucille Nunneley (3:12:23), and Bobbi Wood (3:22:29).

Ryan Mattson finished first in the 5K race with a time of 16:26.91, followed by Jenny Reaume with a time of 21:36.67. Filling out the rest of the top five was Bradley Hildwein (22:12.06), Evan Durocher (28:51.68), and Lyndsey Kramka (32:22.50). Laurie Kramka (32:22.69), Diane Woodworth (40:07.56), Crissy Gerhart (40:07.69), Melissa Matson (41:11.37), and Maria Matson (41:12.16) also finished the 5K race.

Custom-made U.P. placards were presented to all 50-mile and 50K race finishers. Prizes were also awarded to the top three male and female finishers in each race, and all race participants received a t-shirt.