Trail Conditions

May 17,2019

Trail are getting better everyday.  The trail workers are currently out fixing a section of walkabout to gain access to Mill Road, Yew Too and Sleeping Bear.  Next they will finish the area at the bottom of Just Mite and Don't Think.  

Caution -  trail workers out on trails most days. Watch for hazards and tread lightly on wet areas

 Updated: 5/17/2019          
   Condition  Length   Condition  Length
Upper Trails:          
Time Trial Good 2.1 km  Hairy Toad Wet 3.5 km
Lotsa Rocksa Wet 1.8 km Sure Wood Good 1.2 km
Inner Core Wet 1.4 km Dirt Jumps Wet/flooded  
Dual Slalom Good   Pump Track  Excellent  
Flow Trails          
Dont Think Good  0.9 km Just Mite Good 0.8 km
Outer Limits Good 3.1 km Twilight Zone Good 2.3 km
Inner Peace Good 2.6 km Bobsled Good 0.7 km
Lower Trails:          
Walkabout Construction/closed 1.5 km Yew Too wet 1.3 km
Sleeping Bear wet .5 km Hillside Good 2.3 km
Edwards Good 2.0 km Gonzo wet 1.3 km
Nara Trails:          
Pumphouse Good  .4 km River Trail Good 1.4 km
Tolkien Trails: Open        
Troll Loop Wet 1.8 km Ent Loop Wet 0.9 km
Ring Loop Wet 1.1 km Hobbit Loop Wet 0.7 km
Gnome Loop Wet 0.9 km  Elf Loop Wet 1.7 km 
 Dragon Wet 1.5 km      
  • All trails will be groomed daily as needed. Starting with the Upper Trails finished by 8am then working our way east. Tolkien Trails will be groomed early afternoon if needed. Grooming patterns may change if our Nordic Team puts in a special request for training.
  • Please email for trail maintenance or concerns.  We will fix the issue promptly.
  • Safety Note:  Please do not ride the wrong way on trails.  Trails with steep hills are intended to be one direction to avoid collisions and injury.  One-way trails have a Do Not Enter sign posted on the wrong-way trail entrance.  Please keep a lookout for these signs and stay safe on the trails!
  • Remember - Dogs must be kept to Isle Royale, Superior Loop and Tolkien Trails on leash only.
  • Snowshoe trails include Isle Royale, Superior Loop, Tolkien Trails and River Loop. 
  • Snow Bikes (Fat Tire) may ride on Isle Royale, Superior, Tolkien and River Loops. 
  • Lights on at 5am and will turn off at 9:30pm


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